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C.O.M. Web Site Design offers:

    Domain name registration.

    Hosting and maintenance.

    E-commerce sites.

    Professional, custom design of your site - No over-used templates.  (See "Appearance Counts!")

    Lower cost with many services included in the design price.

    Excellent, friendly customer service

    Quality of work

    Faster completion time

    Confidentiality - Your business is your business.


"Internet has had a direct positive impact on small business sales." from U.S. Small Business Internet Survey

Survey April 1998: "Internet advertising has a projected growth rate of 240%, leaving cable TV advertising, with a growth rate of 15.5%, in the dust!"

People don't read the yellow pages for fun, but they do surf the 'net!

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The company of choice for small-to-medium sized businesses!

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Email or call (608) 825-4406 for more information.

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